About Us

The IFOA is an international non-profit industry association with a singular focus on commercializing Forward Osmosis technology. It is composed of members from private companies, industry professionals, and research or academic organizations.

Our Purpose


The IFOA is governed by a Board of Directors composed of professionals from companies focused in forward osmosis commercialization. The Board of directors: + Provide organizational strategy and leadership + Help structure and supervise IFOA committees + Recruit new board members + Foster a collaborative spirit to promote the emerging technology.

William Harvey

William Harvey

Modern Water

Olgica Bakajin

John Webley

John Webley

Trevi Systems

Oliver Geschke



There are several committees that collaborate on an ongoing basis. The committees are composed of volunteers from the IFOA membership base.


Membership Committee

Technical Standards Committee

Events Committee

Public Relations and Advocacy Committee

Technical committees in the various aspects of FO technology

Be part of a coalesced single voice in the newly emergent FO technology.